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On Being a Paranoid Graduate Student

Posted by litdaily on April 27, 2011

The Chronicle recently published an article on paranoia and graduate study…>>

Even though the article minimizes the paranoia that students feel (in some way) by putting the burden on the grad student, I think it’s important to realize that “paranoia” is built into the system and is above all, destructive to academic work.  Maybe removing tenure, in other words, god-complexes that feed off graduate student paranoia, the system will place value on graduate student work rather than unproductive judgments that aim to minimize their contribution to higher education.


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Inside the Life of a Tenure-Track Mama Prof.

Posted by litdaily on August 28, 2010

In this short list, a female professor writes a list of ten things she did on her summer vacation…more>>

For anyone who is a mama in academia, this list sounds pretty accurate.  Juggling the demands of the academic world and parenting, whether you’re a tenure-track professor or a graduate student, is a challenge! It’s nice to know though that when you’re temporarily done with your “non-work” (all the work you do that you don’t get paid for), there are bright, smiling faces waiting for you.

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