Daily Notes on Literature, Pop Culture & Media, and Academia


This blog is a collaboration between two South Asian women graduate students.  Even though there is a general notion that “graduate student” fails to constitute a real identity, the category actually allows a useful and interesting interrogation of identity as it is related to academia, popular culture, and the media.  Therefore, this blog is our attempt at finding a place in the world, while negotiating the echo-chamber of academia, by offering daily news and interpretations of literature, arts, and popular culture.

We write about the things we find interesting and aim to make them exciting for you. The blog focuses on Asian American content and implicitly looks at the boundaries between the categories “South Asian” and “Asian American”.

Reading through our blog, you’ll notice that we pay careful attention to race, gender, and sexuality as specific analytics that shape and configure the sites we are exploring.  Although the internet has been significantly revolutionary in providing a voice to marginalized groups, there is a persistent and disturbing dearth in recognizing the way that these categories affect the industries (entertainment, media, academia, literature and arts) around us.


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