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Dharun Ravi’s Indictment

Posted by litdaily on April 21, 2011

The media has reported that Dharun Ravi is facing a 15-count indictment regarding the suicide of Tyler Clementi.  He has been charged on accounts of bias, invasion of privacy, and witness and evidence tampering…>>

There are a lot of different kinds of conversations that this has invoked and I think that the outcome of his trial will determine the boundaries that we want to set up in the virtual world.  He will be tried for his crimes, go to jail, not go to jail, or be forced to pay some other penalties. For me, the case is bigger than Ravi and sentencing — it’s really about boundaries and what they mean in our virtual world.

People valorize social media (Tweeting, Facebook, etc) without really knowing that there’s a dark side to it.  It’s not just about “connecting” with every random person you can, it’s also about recognizing that individual and social rights still need to be present and tangible in our virtual reality.


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