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Second Tier Universities – If Academia Ranks, Why Shouldn’t Corporate?

Posted by litdaily on January 21, 2011

In The Chronicle of Higher Education, an article titled, “Brown and Cornell are Second Tier” discusses the elite companies’ desire to recruit from the best universities.  Apparently, even Brown and Cornell don’t cut it…>>

Of course, it’s a “culture insanely obsessed with pedigree” and the Chronicle shouldn’t have to look too far away from higher education to make this claim.  If academia rolls with the same ideology, why shouldn’t corporate? Why wouldn’t investment banking firms and top notch consulting companies look for students at Harvard and Yale when our university systems functions entirely the same way.

It’s almost impossible to get a job in academics (at least in the humanities) without attending one of the elite universities. Yes, you may have to sell a liver, a couple of eggs, and donate your body to science in order to make the high tuition rates, but you’ll get a job so that the ten years you spend on your PhD will actually translate into a career.

It’s too easy to critique corporate culture.  It’s about time higher education publications interrogated the underside, the business of, academia.


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