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The Difference between Bollywood and Hollywood – A Blunt Explanation

Posted by litdaily on January 19, 2011

Writer Monojit Lahiri attempts to arrive at a reason for why Bollywood stars don’t quite make it in Hollywood. The exception, of course, is Freida Pinto…>>

Currently shooting the film Black Gold, opposite Antonio Banderas, Pinto seems to have made the crossover…>> Lahiri warns that this fame is temporary and that Pinto shouldn’t expect to be the next Salma Hayek or Penelope Cruz.  Unlike other actresses from Bollywood that have made their temporary splashes in American entertainment, Pinto seems to fit the bill. In many ways, there is nothing Bollywood-ish about her. Neither her name nor her phenotype explicitly identifies her as an Indian to an American audience. Her appeal lies in the very notion that she might be considered ethnically or racially ambiguous.


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