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Workplace Culture in Academia

Posted by litdaily on January 18, 2011

Earlier this week, The Chronicle of Higher Education published an article on faculty members requesting time off after having a baby. Mary Ann Mason reports, in the article, that University of California at Berkeley has instituted family-friendly programs for faculty members who need relief from teaching duties or extensions in time-to-tenure…more>>

This article is certainly hopeful that Berkeley has been and will continue to be a family friendly academic environment. However, the picture it paints is skewed.  Berkeley constitutes very few of the tenure-track professors, graduate students, and adjunct faculty members that flood higher education today. Many new parents in these roles struggle with the demands of academia alongside raising a family without much economic support or professional support. While in the private sector, many companies offer childcare on site (along with larger sums of compensation for labor), academia still sees parenting and a family as detrimental to achieving scholarly success.


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