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Asian Americans Get Less Pay

Posted by litdaily on December 8, 2010

Toronto Sun reports on the gap in pay between Asian American men and white men…>>

Asian American men get:

(1) Overall, up to 29% less than white men

(2) About 8% less for U.S. born citizens who speak fluent English

(3) Up to 30% less for U.S. citizens, born and educated abroad

What’s really interesting about the article is not the disparity in numbers simply because all ethnic minorities should be aware that their labor is valued less than labor produced by white men.  This fact is part of American history – one that our nation doesn’t overtly acknowledge or want to redress.  The interesting part is that the researcher doesn’t know what causes the discrimination even as he relates it to anti-immigrant sentiment.

My question is this – is it too simple, too obvious, or too hard to say that the discrimination in work places are due to racism? All this rhetoric about immigration seems to evade the crux of the matter, which is that we are a racist, exploitative society.

Why would Asian Americans assume that the pay scale is the same when Asian Americans have been orientalized, stigmatized, and marginalized for over a century. Is it because Asian Americans think that their “educational success” erases racism?


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