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Is it Gay Bashing, the Lure of Technology, or Both?

Posted by litdaily on October 5, 2010

In English class yesterday, the Clementi tragedy came up.  When a student asked a question about dangers of technology with regards to society, I couldn’t help but inform them of Tyler Clementi, an 18 year old student who jumped off the George Washington Bridge.

One article regarding this tragedy caught my eye.  The article, originally posted in New American Media and then reprinted in Hyphen, actually claims that Dharun Ravi exposed Clementi’s personal live due to the lure of technology…more>>

My students were not only shocked to hear about this particular case, but also disturbed that online networks such as Facebook and Twitter are blamed for Ravi’s lack of humanity regarding his roommate, whose homosexual relations he attempted to videotape and broadcast to a virtual world of thousands.

Several students rightly noted that technology is easy to scapegoat. What about individual responsibility, decency, and morality? Have ethics shifted or transformed with the advancement of technologies that erase boundaries, not just between private and public, but right and wrong?


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