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Committing Disciplinary Suicide

Posted by litdaily on September 7, 2010

Although this article on the death of the English discipline was written at the end of August, it’s been a continuing debate in the Humanities…more>>

Issues regarding the loss of literary theory has been centralized by public scholars like Stanley Fish and has produced much anxiety in English departments. While some want to steer clear of literature and literary theory (not sure why these professors go into English), others are bemoaning it’s loss.  Those who are, however, concerned about the future of literary studies, are also secure in their tenure positions in departments.  So while it’s an issue for English in general, they won’t personally suffer from the consequences.  After all, while their tenure lasts, they can continue to publish on Faulkner, Wharton, and Fitzgerald.

The scholars who will suffer are graduate students who are looking to hopefully and wishfully fill their positions.  These are students who are trying to “catch up” in their literary theory while also engaging in political theory, cultural theory, economic theory, and scientific theory in order to gauge where the academic market is going to take them – everywhere and nowhere.


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