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Radically Changing the University

Posted by litdaily on August 31, 2010

In Crisis on Campus, Mark Taylor demands a radical change in colleges and universities. The biggest and most polemic change he advocates is abolishing tenure…more>>

There are many reasons for either abolishing tenure or changing the basic system of tenure. Here’s a list of three big ones below:

(1) Keeping tenured professors on their toes.  In other words, change with the times!

(2) Holding tenured professors responsible and liable for their responsibilities. Imagine a scenario where they actually have to read and teach the materials their students need to learn. This is even better for graduate students who depend on faculty members to help them through their own theses and dissertations but rarely receive it.

(3)  JOBS!  There is a reason why ALL the other institutions follow retirement protocols.  Although academics, in this case, tend to favor the mind/body separation (who cares if I’m almost dead, I can still think, right?), they need to graciously step out of the way to let more batches of qualified applicants fill their spots.


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