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The Undocumented Asian Immigrant and Cultural Stigma

Posted by litdaily on August 30, 2010

Although immigration issues tend to target Latin Americans and other Hispanic communities, there are over 1.5 million undocumented Asians living in the U.S.  For undocumented Asian students, the DREAM Act can help them obtain the financial aid they need to continue their education…more >>

Although some undocumented Asian American students are willing to fight for their rights, the cultural stigma that the Asian communities impose on their own members may still hinder their ability to be heard.  Aside from their own ethnic communities, the “model minority” stereotype still renders issues of immigration invisible.  How can undocumented Asians fight for their rights when the category of “Asian” isn’t even considered an ethnic minority in the United States by scholars in academia and by the general public?


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