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Bollywood Goes to Washington

Posted by litdaily on August 28, 2010

South Asian American filmmakers are auditioning actors for a Bollywood film to be shot in the D.C. area. The film’s title is “9 Eleven” but it is not about the September 11 attacks…more>>

The responses from the people interviewed for the article reflect the increasing cultural value of Bollywood. Both in India and in the West, Bollywood is no longer viewed as a trivial object of pop culture consumption but as something “cool”. Paul Singh, one of the article’s respondents, considers Bollywood a means of cultural fulfillment—something more than financial fulfillment. Similarly, the director of the film Manan Singh Katohora acknowledges that while acting in Bollywood was not considered a respectable profession for women earlier, women are now encouraged to act in films and TV. Of course, what Katohora fails to comment upon is that even with the changing perception of Bollywood as culturally valuable and of women’s participation in it as respectable, women directors and complex portrayals of female characters continue to be few and far-between in mainstream Bollywood cinema.


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