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Wanted…Asian Americans in Higher Education

Posted by litdaily on August 26, 2010

Dr. Liang, a professor at Seattle University, claims that although Asian Americas make up 7.8% of all full-time university and college faculty (5.5% of Blacks and 3.6% Hispanics), Asian instructors and part-time faculty are fewer in number than both Blacks and Hispanics…more >>

What does this mean?  It essentially means that Asian Americans have less political and administrative power in academia.

Although Dr. Liang doesn’t take his commentary this far, it would be interesting to know the percentage of Asian American faculty members (in both tenure and non-tenure positions) in the humanities versus the sciences.  I’m sure that if we were to make this comparison, the number of Asian American faculty members in the humanities would be much less than Blacks and Hispanics.  After all, many universities don’t even have Asian American studies departments or are just starting them while African American studies and Latino/a studies are extremely established and “legitimate” fields of study.  Enough so that even in this job market, they are still actively seeking new candidates for tenure-track faculty.


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